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The Japan Conspiracy
A prologue, set in 1945, tells us that Japan, while surrendering to military might, plans an ultimate victory based on economics. Fast-forward to the mid 1990s. gorgeous Alison Carey is an intern in the Los Angeles branch of a prestigious Washington law firm. Kevin Daulton has his eye on her from the day she walks in, and he humors her when she says she has seen Calvin Lederer, the head of the firm, conferring with Japanese businessmen on Guam. The firm...
The Saudi Connection
Ron Wright won a Pulitzer Prize for his exposure of the pharmaceutical industry, only to lose it when key documents proved to be forgeries. He knows a friend and source he trusted set him up, but his career is essentially over. Then he receives a strange tip a Saudi Arabian princess is contributing to an American neo-nazi racist gang of terrorists. It is more than he can believe, but when his source, an Egyptian named Hany, is murdered shortly after t...