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The Big Switch
Design Image, 2001, 15.95, 238 pp. ISBN: 1891946102 In 1951 Los Angeles, Charlotte Randolph hires private investigator Brian Kane to tail her movie star spouse Lester so she can learn the names of the wannabes he sleeps with. Brian discovers that Lester uses Noni Light, Lydia Lane, and Gloria Hastings to fill his evenings. The sleuth goes to his client's Beverly Hills' home to present his findings, but Charlotte denies hiring him. On closer in...
The Deal Killer
Design Image, Dec 2002, 15.95, 238 pp. ISBN: 1891946188 In 1951 Hollywood, Regal Pictures mogul Robert regal Clarke asks Brian Kane one more time to explain what he does for the studio. Brian tells her he is a private detective on retainer by Regal. He gets a hundred a month for doing nothing and fifty a day if he is doing something. Robert orders Brian to handle the blackmailing of his girlfriend actress Hanna Mills, but neither of them will ...