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Counting Coup
Forge, Oct 2001, 24.95, 305 pp. ISBN: 0765301857 Sixty plus years old apartment super Charlie Sarris is outraged that the landlord rented out the room by the water heater. Charlie uses that room to drink himself into oblivion. The new renter, failed Indian medicine man John Stone, is also in his mid sixties and enjoys alcohol as much as Charlie, which leads to a drinking camaraderie. Charlie is awed by the duality of John's nature as...
The Rebel: An Imagined Life of James Dean
Morrow, Aug 2004, 24.95 ISBN: 0380978393 In 1955, James Dean loves putting the pedal to the metal until his speeding Spyder met a Ford at an intersection. Encouraged by his sweet dead mom to get off the ground so he will not catch a cold, Jimmy awakens at Paso Robles War Memorial Hospital and later is moved to Santa Monica Hospital. Jimmy slowly recovers, but mentally is no longer the same Rebel Without a Cause. Jimmy leaves the hospital, bu...