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A Garden Of Vipers
A GARDEN OF VIPERS initially centers on the investigation by Ryder and Nautilus of the brutal murder of a radio newswoman who, interestingly enough, has some ties to Dani Danbury, Ryder's significant other. Some additional incidents, including another horrendous murder, indicate the presence of a homicidal maniac in Mobile. Both Ryder and Nautilus are distracted by the revelations of personal betrayals --- Nautilus from the past, Ryder from the present -...
The Death Collectors
The second story from Jack Kerley featuring Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus and another set of murders in Southern Alabama require the unique qualities of this duo, since the supposed perpetrator, Marsden Hexcamp, died over 30 years ago, to find the solution! At each murder scene a small piece of artwork is left as a tantalizing clue. A strange group of people who collect serial-killer memorabilia come into the frame but since their activities are ver...
The Hundredth Man
Introducing Carson Ryder, his senior partner in a newly formed crime squad, Harry Nautilus describes him as ‘The Hundredth Man', the one who will always grope in the dark for revealing clues when the other ninety nine would prefer to search in the light! And so we immediately understand that Ryder is just a little bit different from your average homicide cop. A serial killer is on the loose in Alabama, leaving bodies to be conveniently found - always wi...