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Ladies' Night
Middle class apartment dwellers - a family of three and their babysitter neighbor - are the victims of a bizarre chemical disaster when a truck overturns on the streets of New York one evening. Females are transformed into homicidal monsters, who pursue an unfaithful husband and his innocent son through bars, streets, alleys and their apartment building. Many men, some deserving and some not, are torn to pieces as the story progresses, along with a mo...
Boys will be boys, but there comes a time when justice must be done. An old man's dog is killed for no reason at all by a teenage boy and two of his friends. The boys figure they can get away with it because dad has money and power. As it turns out dad is just as mean and hateful as the boys. The old man wasn't going to let them get away with killing his best friend so he made sure justice was done one way or another. This old man proved that where there...