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The Call of the Wild
When Buck, a dog from Southern California, is kidnapped to work as a sled dog at the height of the Alaskan gold rush, his instincts are gradually awakened, and his ties to human civilization are broken. Buck is a large dog with a warm coat and a caring owner (Judge Miller) who begins his life in Santa Clara, California at the end of the 19th century. His size and warm coat of fur prove dangerous when Judge Miller's gardener, desperate for a few extra dol...
The Sea-Wolf
The Sea-Wolf by Jack London tells the story of Wolf Larsen, a captain of a sealing schooner called the Ghost, who after rescuing a literary critic named Humphrey Van Weyden from an accident in the San Francisco Bay, makes him a cabin boy and proceeds to take him across the North Atlantic. Told in a style reminscient of sea adventures of the time (late 19th century) the narrator, Van Weyden, who comes from an upper class background, is forced into tak...
White Fang
A dead man's two colleagues trek towards the man's waiting grave in civilization with their pack of 6 sled dogs. A female wolf first slips in to steal some fish, and then draws off the dogs one by one for her pack to kill and eat. It is the middle of winter and they are hungry. As the pack disappears after drawing off the fourth dog, one of the men takes his three last shots to try to protect it. Both the dog and the man are eaten. The remaining human is...