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Iron Spur
Jacob Tackman returns home to the large Iron Spur ranch from college to find nothing has changed. Willie, the redheaded and fiery daughter of the foreman still puts him down as a weakling. His father orders him to accompany her on a mission where he must prove himself or lose his inheritance, the large ranch, to Willie. Killers, rapists, and thieves present insurmountable odds against his success....
The Third Season
THE THIRD SEASON - ISBN: 0-9666721-4-3 $21.95 GoldenIsle Pub. 2395 Hawkinsville Hwy. Eastman, GA 31023 THE THIRD SEASON is a work that reaches out and touches something in all of us. Elmer Goodhand was in the golden years of his life. His beloved wife had died, and his only daughter had become involved with drug dealers and had left her infant daughter with Elmer. That was five years ago. Now the drug dealer had not just the daughter, but his little gran...
Under a Long Sky, Women Drovers on the Chisholm Trail
A man attempts to drive a herd of 2,500 longhorn cattle to Abilene from South Texas up the Chisholm Trail with only women drovers and a boy. They must fight Indians, thieves, and killers....