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The Fort at River's Bend
Tor, Jul 2004, 14.95, 351 pp. ISBN: 076530905X Caius Merlyn Brittanicus fears that the next assassin sent by his family's enemy Ironhair might prove successful and kill his nephew, eight-year-old Arthur Pendragon. He decides the future leader of his beloved Camulod must be kept safe until he is ready to rule. Merlyn takes Arthur north to Ravenglass, a haven across the sea from Eire where he can expect sanctuary from King Derek and several frien...
The Lance Thrower
Forge, Sep 2004, 27.95, 528 pp. ISBN: 0312869290 In fifth century Gaul, Clothar the Lance Thrower is raised by his aunt, the Lady of the Lake when his father is murdered. At the same time, Caius Merlyn raises Arthur to become the future king of England. Arthur and Clothar become close friends and the expatriate Frank becomes a believer in the dream of Camulod. As the duo and others begin their quest to make the ideal a reality, a woman ent...
The Skystone - Camulod Chronicles 1
Forge, Jan 2001, 14.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0765303728 By the latter half of the fourth century, anyone with a fraction of intelligence could see the pending apocalypse as the Roman Empire is collapsing. Places on the outer rim are becoming increasingly dangerous as civilization nears collapse. Many of the nobles flee for the sanctuary of Rome, but those who remain behind in places like Britain struggle to survive. Gaius Publius Varrus rec...
When Rome pulled it's legions home from the far-flung reaches of the Empire to defend the city against recent invaders, Britain was left to fend for itself against attacks by the Saxons, Angles and Jutes. This book, Uther, by Jack Whyte is a continuation of the story of the building of the defensive Colony of Camulod by two former Roman Legionaries, Publius Varrus and Caius Britannicus. The story follows Uther, the grandson of Publius Varrus. ...

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Uther - Camulod Chronicles 7
Forge, Apr 2001, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0312864434 When his father died, became King of Cambria ruling over the feral Pendragon tribes. At around the same time his cousin Caius Merlyn Britannicus becomes the monarch in Camulod. However, Uther's life as the sovereign of Cambria is wrought with constant skirmishes with his offensive neighbor King Lot of Cornwall. Uther travels all over England on adventures that would destroy a lesser ...

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