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Memphis in Our Hearts
Step back in time as Jamai Allen returns from England with an education and the determination to use it to work, live, and love as she wants to regardless of the time's taboos on women. She gets a job only to have her heart stolen by Lou Sutton-handsome, arrogant, and famous for avoiding any lasting engagements. She balances her job and reputation while keeping Lou at arm's distance as they work together. Can she tame society and Lou as well? Their adven...
Welcome to Lazarus
En route to a reporting job in Little Rock car trouble forces Bob Smith to stop in Lazarus, Arkansas. Suspecting he's lucked up on some bucolic fountain of youth, his investigating skills and innate curiosity take him close enough to the town's secret to fall victim to it. He gets away with his life, his car repaired good enough to get him to Little Rock, and a twenty-four hour gap in his memory only to be drawn back by nightmares and deja vu flashes to ...