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Tor, Apr 2003, 27.95, 702 pp. ISBN: 0312872402 "Anguisette" Comtesse Phedre has for the most part over the past decade lived in domestic tranquillity with her loyal swordsman Joscelin though she also meets the demands of her demi-gods to feel pain when making love by annually taking on a few “lovers”. However, her former lover and rival, Melisande, imprisoned in a temple for an unsuccessful coup, asks Phedre for help. Melisande's son, Imriel v...
Kushiel's Chosen
Receiving her cloak from Melisande, Phedre realizes that she is thrown a challenge. The woman plots something new in the far land of La Serenissima and Phedre is the only one who can intercept the plot. She sets off to the City of Elua to resume her role as a servant of Naamah and to gather more information to find out who was the person who helped Melisande run away. Unfortunately, with that decision the bliss between her and her lover Joscelin disappea...
Kushiel's Dart
An intensely sexual character is trained as a spy by a man who owes a debt of love and honor to the queen of a land. After his death through treachery, and her subsequent conviction and enslavement, she fufills his debt of honor for him, and causes the evil plans to fall apart....