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Sketches With Wolves
Pocket. August 2001, 6.99, 319 pp. ISBN 0671015605 After the events of some months ago when she was painting a mural at the zoo, artist Caroline Canfield withdrew from close human contact. She joined an Internet list server centering on wolves. Through many postings, Caroline feels as if she is ready to meet her new friends. The group planned to meet on the Valentine's Day weekend at Wolf Prairie, the wolf behavioral research and end educa...
Tiger's Palette
Artist Tony Chirico fell to his death from the scaffold he was using to paint a wildlife mural at the Fox Valley Zoo. Caroline Canfield, his friend and former student, is not sure that his death was an accident. She agrees to finish the mural that he was working on in the hope of finding out what really happened to Tony, and discovers illegal dealings which put her life at risk, too. ...