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Bad Girls
Mandy White is a bright ten year old schoolgirl who is routinely bullied by her ex-best friend who has joined a gang of bullies. She feels embarrassed that her parents are almost in their sixties and seem to be totally out of fashion. One day she is chased by this gang onto the road in front of a bus (which knocks her down) and whilst she is resting she sees a teenage girl called Tanya who wears cool clothes, make up and high heels and meets her later o...
Dustbin Baby
April was found in a dustbin just a few munites after she was born. No one knows who her birth parents are, and for many years she nad moved in and out of foster care. On her fourteenth birthday, she has a fight with her foster mother Marion, and on the way to school she decides to try to find out who her birth parents are. Firstly she takes the train to her first foster mother's house, and she meets Tanya (yes, same Tanya from 'Bad Girls'!), a girl who...
Lola Rose
Jayni Fenton once lived with her mother, father and younger brother, until her mother won the lottery. Her father used to hit her mother whenever he lost his temper, but suddenly hits Jayni when she confonts him about his beatings. Her mother, brother and herself run away with their lottery money to London and change their names, so Jayni becomes Lola Rose. At first life is too good to be true and the family can afford more luxuries, and Lola Rose has a...
The Illustrated Mum
Marigold Westward is unlike any other mother with her endless tattoos and eccentric personality. She drinks a lot at home, stays out all night and often runs out of money for food. Her two daughters, Dolphin and Star start coming to terms with Marigold's behaviour on her 33rd birthday in different ways; Star works hard at school and presseures her mother to become more normal and Dolphin wants Marigold all to herself despite the fact that Marigold is sti...

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