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From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun
Melanin Sun is a teenager who lives with, and has always lived with, his single mother. She's a strong, caring woman and the two have a close relationship - until Melanin discovers that she's dating another woman. He's furious and disgusted and feels betrayed, especially when he discovers his mother's girlfriend is white. In extracts from his notebooks, Melanin shows how he deals with his anger, lives through friction from his friends, and adjusts to...
Evie Thomas life was ok before her dad witnessed a murder. Her dad decided to testify, so then she and her family were moved into the witness protection program. In the new place, she has problems with friends and school. She wants to be popular but isn't. Her sister does not have any problems and that makes her jealous. On top of all of that, her dad has stopped doing anything because he does not see the point in life. He watched someone be ki...