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Cage of Stars
Playing hide-and-seek with her younger sisters, Veronica, Ronnie, Swan, 12, hides in the shed, waiting to hears her sisters call. When she hears nothing, she peeks to find her sisters lying in a pool of blood. Scott Early, the man who killed the two girls with a swipe of a scythe, is sitting at the picnic table. Ronnie runs past him into the house to call 911, then runs to the neightbors for help. Ronnie's parents aren't home. The little girls are dead. ...
The Deep End of the Ocean
Beth goes to her 15th high school reunion in Chicago and brings her children, Kerry, a baby, Vincent who is 7 and Ben who is 3. She asks Vincent to watch Ben while she goes to the reservation desk in a hotel lobby crowded with reunion attendees, and when she is finished, discovers that Ben has disappeared into thin air. Beth Cappadora married her childhood sweetheart Pat and moved to Wisconsin where she had attended school. They had three children. Her h...