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The Summer Country
Ace Oct 2002, 14.00, 368 pp. ISBN:0441009727 In Naskeag Falls, Maine, Maureen Pierce is thought of as the mad one who talks to trees and receives responses from the woody dwellers. She attended a four-year college but works at a menial job while her sister went to a technical school and makes a good living with benefits. Maureen is afraid of men so when one follows her home one night, she is grateful for the intervention of Brian Albion. Mau...
The Winter Oak
Ace, Nov 2004, 14.00, 304 pp. ISBN 0441 012019 When the creatures of myth and legends were kicked off the human world they went to the Summer Country in another dimension that has portals allowing travel between the worlds. Sisters Maureen and Jo Pierce accidentally traveled into the Summer Country and learned that the blood of the Old Ones run through their veins giving them power to cast spells. Maureen fought against Fiona the witch and a dr...