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The Deerslayer
Cooper takes us on an excursion and violent adventure through the early wilderness of our nation. Inspired by romance, justice, and revenge Natty Bumpo risks his life to save his love exact revenge for past attrocities. Though sometimes difficult account for the extreme superiority of the hero, Cooper blends character, setting, and plot in a fantastic web which captures the reader and involves him/her immediately. This is a must read for those who lik...
The Last of the Mohicans
Major Duncan Heyward is accompanying the daughters of English commander Munro to their father's post at Fort William. The eyar is 1757, the English and French are at war in the Americas, the native peoples are caught up on both sides. The native guide Magua leads Heyward's party astray and it is only due to the timely intervention of Hawkeye, Uncas and chingachgook that they survive. Cora and Alice Munro reach Forty William only to be caught up in a mass...
The Pathfinder
In the third installment of the Leatherstocking Tales, Cooper takes his main character, here called the Pathfinder (Natty Bumppo) and examines his role as an explorer for British/Colonial forces in the forests and islands around the Great Lakes. The story is a classic historical adventure/romance and Bumppo falls in love, for the first and only time in the five novels, only to see his choice fall in love with another man - a younger man and good friend o...
The Pioneers
The fourth of the Leatherstocking novels, we find Leatherstocking (Natty Bumppo) entering the last stages of his life. He has lost a great deal of his effectiveness with his musket and now relies a great deal on his dog to help him hunting. The main focus is one two things: 1. the reinstatement of Natty's old commander (from Last of the Mohicans) in his properties and wealth in the new US (he had lost them as a result of the revolution) while believing h...

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The Prairie
The hero, unnamed but assumed to be Natty Bummpo, the protagonist of J.F. Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales, is now an aging outdoorsman who has escaped to the open plains to escape the encroachments of civilization in the colonies. The time is just after the Louisiana Purchase (early 1800's), and our hero encounters a wagon train of pioneers heading west with a secret cargo in one of the wagons. ...

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