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James Cobb Five Star, Jan 2004, 25.95, 228 pp. ISBN: 1594141088 United Nations Marshal Gain Chandry and his partner outside cyber citizen Lobo work a lunar technology theft case with no cooperation from so called law officials on the moon or within the earth based Hindi Confederacy. The two agents resolve the fiasco by their usual way of tossing a brick through a glass window when diplomacy fails. Their superior inside cyber Lilith applauds the ...
Target Lock
TARGET LOCK Putnam, Feb 2002, 25.95, 419 pp. ISBN: 0399148493 In 2008, when modern day pirates steal a satellite with military information from a US research ship, the American navy sends Commander Amanda Garrett and her USS Cunningham “Sea Fighters” crew to retrieve the stolen item. However, Amanda quickly realizes that these thugs are not some solo Jolly Roger, but belong to massive conglomerate led by the charismatic Makara Harconan. ...