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All Creatures Great and Small
The first book in the series of vet James Herriot ( a.k.a. Alf Wight ). A wonderful heartwarming story of life in Yorkshire Dales. When Herriot accepts a job working for Sigfried Farnon, he had no idea what he was getting into. In this book you'll meet Mrs. Pomfrey and her very spoiled dog, Tricky-Woo, Mr. Mulligan and his "womiting " Clancy. You'll see how Herriot finds both friendship and love in the beautiful town of Darrowby. With his amazing wr...
All Things Bright and Beautiful
This book describes problems the author has to face in order to become a full-fledged 9-to-5 and beyond working vet. He struggles through his first job as a vet and comes out with flying colors, with the help of his ever-ready boss and partner Siegfried, and Siegfried's brother, Tristan. He describes his carefree days as a bachelor, living with these two eccentric brothers, and how he is accepted by the farming community they serve. He also tells of Tri...
All Things Wise and Wonderful
In the third book of James Herriot's autobiography, he describes his wartime experiences - which, because of an illness, were abortive and didn't contain any fighting - and tells more stories about his life as a country vet in Yorkshire. Readers of the first two books will know exactly what to expect - stories about animals and people, sometimes funny, sometimes not. This book has the addition of some stories about Herriot's military life and pilot tra...
The Lord God Made them All
James Herriot has now settled down in the country with his wife, Helen, and his two children, Jimmy and Rosie, at Skeldale House in Yorkshire dales. This book tells of his adventures in his everyday veterinarian work. In the first story, James recalls a time when he visited a Mr. Ripley to nip some calves. James agrees, and drives down to Mr. Ripley's home. Upon arriving at the farm, James works to old gates to get at the actual farm. He finally reach...

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