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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
This is the semi-autobiographical story of Joyce's life as a student in Dublin. Protagonist, Stephen Daedelus is in the throes of deciding whether to become a priest or an artist. It is the experimental writing style of this book that outshines the story, which sometimes paints Daedelus as quite a boring young man. The story, which is more like poetry than prose, is written in a series of flashbacks which can be difficult to follow. And of course Joyc...
These are 15 short stories about various Dublin residents. Joyce used the epiphany through out his work. He established various relationships between characters in the book. Family relationships and friends are very important....
Finnegans Wake
The event is the self-exposure of the hero to two young women. He is observed and suffers from the consequences in terms of disgrace and imprisonment from which he escapes. The book is a dream and recapitulates the history of the world....
Joyce's masterpiece describes the events of a single day -- June 16, 1904 (the day Joyce met his future wife, so you might call it the longest Hallmark card in history) -- in the life of two primary characters, Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus (with a significant offstage role played by Bloom's wife Molly, who only takes center stage in the final chapter), in Dublin. The book plays with the English language and narrative forms like almost no other has, ...

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