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Cradle of Saturn
A progressive Earth engineer and a delegation from an independent Saturnian colony try to convince the powers-that-be that the Earth has suffered numerous cataastrophes in prehistoric and historic times. They are not believed until a white-hot protoplanet the size of Venus emerges from Jupiter on an orbit which will intersect Earth's. As the protoplanet approaches, environmental conditions deteriorate drasticaly, and the protagonists try to reach the l...
The Anguished Dawn
Baen, Jun 2003, 26.00, 420 pp. ISBN: 0743435818 Though it was nearly Worlds in Collision, but actually the orb missed a direct hit on the Earth, but still the aftereffect destroyed the land masses and oceans, polarity, and ecosystems leading to the end of civilization though survivors exist. The last remnant of Earth culture resides on the Saturn moon of Kronia. Kronians have two strategic goals that of reaching the stars and rebuilding the Ear...