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3rd Degree
Detective Lindsay Boxer and her "Women's Murder Club" return in this tale of revenge and left-wing self righteousness gone terribly wrong. The story begins with Lindsay running into a burning house to rescue a young child and finds herself in the middle of a series of murders. She meets a handsome Joe Molinari from Homeland Security and they work together to try and solve the murders. They have contact with the killers through Cindy of the Women's Cl...
Little, Brown, Mar 2003, 27.95, 457 pp. ISBN: 0316602051 In 1096, French innkeeper Hugh de Luc joins the Crusades in an effort to obtain his freedom from his nasty overlord Lord Baldwin. However, he finds the war not to be anything like he expected as he witnesses atrocities on both sides as they crazily trek for seemingly endless miles towards Jerusalem with no end in sight. Unable to cope, Hugh deserts. He returns home with some treasures ...