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The Celestine Prophecy
The narrator sets out on a trip to Peru to try to discover more about an ancient Peruvian Manuscript that holds 9 Insights into the way the human race will evolve spiritually in the third millennium. The Manuscript is being suppressed by the Church and Government in Peru. Dogged by soldiers the American tourist moves on his adventure to discover in turn each of the Insights. More than an adventure this book is a guidebook to help you yourself discover...
The Secret of Shambhala
In this fourth book in the Insight Series we explore the 11th Insight. We synchronistically travel to Tibet to try and uncover the Secret of Shambhala. Dogged by Chinese agents the first person narrator tries to get to Shambhala a secret spiritual community in the mountains of Tibet. He is aided by dakini who help show him the way and on the journey is taught four extensions to our prayer energy. This important 11th Insight tells us of the growing spi...