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Map of Bones
The story begins with a group of intruders in monk robes interupting a midnight mass service in Germany, killing the worshippers and clergy, and stealing an ancient relic from the church - the Bones of the Three Magi. With this treasure, this group hopes to discover a vast power source which will allow them to control the world. Investigators from Rome and the Vatican join a team of government agents from the US to stop these terrorists. They must fol...
Sandstorm (Science Fiction)
Morrow, Jul 2004, 24.95, 446 pp. ISBN: 0060580666 An explosion destroyed much of the Kensington Gallery antiquities collection of the British Museum when a bluish light struck the Iron Camel artifact killing guard Harry Masterson in the blast. Various people and government agencies want to know what caused the detonation. Lady Kara Kensington, whose family founded the devastated gallery and its curator Safia al-Maaz find clues that lead to Ub...
Sandstorm (Thriller/Action)
The Kinsington Gallery, Lady Kara Kinsington's tribute to her late father Lord Reginal Kinsington, is located in the British Museum. The north wing, to be exact, because that is where the museum is hosting their anniversary showcase, an ethno gaphical collection portraying human achievement through the ages and cultures.The gallery is run by the austere Dr. Safia al-Maaz, Kara's closest friend since childhood. They have lived through the trials and trib...

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A team of explorers journey into the bowels of the earth and discover wonders and horrors. They venture into the depths of a recently discovered subterranean cavern system under the assumption that they are the first team to explore this new realm. The mission suddenly turns terrifying when hundreds of giant reptilian creatures attack the team and the military base, alpha base, which is situated in the main cavern. Romance begins to occur between t...

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