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Grift Sense
Pocket, Jun 2001, 23.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0743406222 In 1998, Acropolis Resort and Casino pit boss Wily hires former cop Tony Valentine to review the tape of a man winning $50,000 at black jack. Wily is positive the man cheated perhaps with the help of his dealer Nola Briggs. While watching the tape, Tony calculates that Frank wins 65-70% of the time regardless of what is dealt. Using the Blackjack Master Program to find trends, Tony learns t...
Loaded Dice
Ballantine, Jun 2004, 22.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0345463269 Acropolis casino owner Nick Nicocropolis asks former Atlantic City cop turned international gaming consultant Tony Valentine to ascertain how an apparent blackjack novice using a card to explain the rules could win $25,000. Tony, who happens to be in town showing off the latest electronic cheating gizmo Deadlock, agrees. Also strange is the fact that the tyro winner Lucy Price also complains...
Mr. Lucky
Ballantine, Mar 2005, 19.95 ISBN: 0345475445 When a fire breaks out in the Riverboat Casino, small time gambler Ricky Smith jumps from his burning balcony into a pool. A few minutes later without a look back he enters the Mint. He borrows twenty bucks; Smith starts at blackjack, turns to roulette and dice before completing his incredible run by wiping out poker expert Tex Snyder. In a short period, Smith went from loser to millionaire never lo...
Pocket Money
FUNNY MONEY Pocket, Jun 2002, 24.00, 304 pp. ISBN: 0743436865 Retired cop Tony Valentine supplements his pension by exposing grifters at the Las Vegas casinos. He figures he needs the extra income because his son is always hitting him for a “loan” to pay off a questionable debt or two. Tony's former partner Doyle Flanagan is in the same line of work currently employed in Atlantic City. Doyle calls Tony to tell him about his current case invol...

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Sucker Bet
James Swain, one of the world's best card handlers, uses his knowledge to develop Tony Valentine as a nemesis of gamblers who cheat casinos. Valentine accepts a case of apparent cheating in a casino owned by the Micanopy Indian Reservation. A certain Nigel Moon won 84 hands of blackjack in a row. The casino suspects Jack Lightfoot, but can't prove anything, so they hire Valentine. Lightfoot turns out to be involved with a gangster, Rice Blanco, but i...

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