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Judgment Day
The third volume of the Studs Lonigan trilogy begins with the thirty year old Studs returning from the wake of one of his childhood friends, and wondering about his own mortality. He no longer is the tough scrapping young man he once was. A bout with pneumonia has wrecked his health and he has a weakened heart. It is two years into the depression. He has saved some money, but he invests it in the stock market and his stock keeps losing money. He...
The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan
“The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan,” the second novel in James T. Farrell's trilogy begins with Studs dropping out of high school in 1917. All he is interested in is hanging around the pool hall with his pals, keeping up his reputation as a tough guy, and getting close to his childhood sweetheart, Lucy Scanlon. After some lame attempts at finding work, he takes a job with his father as a painter, but his real life is still out in the streets. He a...
Young Lonigan
"Young Lonigan," the first novel in James T. Farrell's "Studs Lonigan" trilogy begins with the fourteen year old Studs getting ready to graduate from elementary school. Before him is the prospect of summer vacation and then Catholic high school in the fall. Like a typical teenager, Studs is rebellious and preoccupied with girls and his rowdy friends. Although not particularly poor, the Lonigan family lives in an Irish ghetto and Studs and ...