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Fields of Fire
Three men from different walks of life; Snake, Goodrich, and Hodges all wind up in the same platoon in Vietnam. Snake is the most experienced soldier, Hodges is the Platoon Commander, and Goodrich is the Harvard student who doesn't fit in. Their unit moves through Vietnam, fighting the NVA & VC multiple times. All are wounded, and the platoon changes continuously as their friends die around them. They struggle with incompetent leaders who order them ...
Lost Soldiers
Lost Soldiers is about a man named Brandon Condley, a Vietnam War veteran working for the U.S. government to find the remains of men MIA since the war ended. In his most recent case he finds a body incorrectly paired with a set of dog tags. As he searches for the answers he is caught up in a whirlwind of traitors, drug trafficking, and murder. Beside him throughout his travels in Asia is a government scientist working to identify the bodies and a Viet...