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Simon & Schuster, Jan 2005, 24.00, 480 pp. ISBN 074322390x In January 1958 thugs badly beat Jack Corrigan after he sees a farmer bury a car. Meanwhile the bodies of wealthy socialites Mr. and Mrs. Duchane wash up on the beach. Their son Todd, his wife Katy and her dog who were also on the yacht with them remain missing; their baby is kidnapped and the nurse is left for dead. Although Corrigan and his protégée reporter Conn O'Connor work the ca...
Simon & Schuster, Mar 2001, 24.60, 396 pp. ISBN: 0684855526 Trent Randolph and his two children went sailing when a pirate suddenly appeared and killed the father and his daughter, but only wounded the son. Phillip Lefebvre comes on board and rescues the lad, who bonds with his savior. At that time, the police believe they finally have the goods on a local crime boss. The department and Phillip agree until Seth hears a do-rei-me of a watch...
Simon & Schuster, Nov 2002, 24.00, 366 pp. ISBN: 0743223896 Malibu, California is the location of Sedgewick a school where the rich send their offspring who get in trouble with the law. These juvenile offenders bought their way out of jail time and while Everett Corey was there he put together a gang that stayed close friends once they left the school. These wealthy adults are, with the help of friends in very high places, kidnapping and killin...