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Fourth Victim
Mira, Jul 2004, 6.50, 400 pp. ISBN: 077832057X In New Mexico, young police officer Ian Campbell and other cops work the fatal car accident in which four people survive. Since the vehicle came from the Butler Divinity Mission, Ian and a veteran cop drive there to inform Reverend Michael Butler about the accident. However, no dogs or people are anywhere in what seems like a ghost town until they enter the chapel. They find a mass of dead people ...
Triple Threat
Mira, Jul 2003, 6.50, 400 pp. ISBN: 1551667037 In the Fort Ticonderoga Museum in New York, terrorists burn the Revolutionary War era Schuyler flag that President Kent planned to use on his Spirit of America tour. Besides political concerns, the White House believes this destruction of a prime symbol will hurt the nation's morale if no flag is presented in two weeks when the gala begins. Smithsonian Director of Artifacts Eric Wilcox says that ...
Twice Burned
Mira, Jul 2002, 6.50, 400 pp. ISBN: 1551669196 The Stonybrook, Pennsylvania police arrest Ted Hardy for the brutal stabbing death of his ex-wife and the even more heinous crime of burning down their home with their two preadolescent children inside. Ted is convicted of the three homicides and sentenced to death by lethal injection. Ted's younger sister Lea refuses to believe that her beloved brother could murder the two children he cherished....