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A Bitter Chill
Poisoned Pen Press, Sept. 2005, ISBN: 1-59058-194-6 Aurelia Marcella is preparing her inn for the coming winter celebration of Saturnalia when her brother visits with some bad news: their family are suspected of planning treason against The Emperor! Also a new gang of criminals have started a protection racket and the inn is to be a 'client'. Finally an obnoxious and influential family have stopped at the inn ... then one of them is killed with Aure...
Get Out or Die
Poisoned Pen Press, Dec 2003, 24.95 362 pp. ISBN 1590580753 After Mt. Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the town of Pompeii, one of the roman families who escaped the devastation moved to the small backwater town of Oak Bridge near Eburacum, Britannia. Aurelia Marcella and her twin sister Albia own the Oak Tree Mansio, a popular guest house and posting station. After five decades of Roman rule, a certain segment of the native population want to th...