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Flirting With Disaster
Ivy, Nov 2003, 352 pp. ISBN: 0345458400 Tolosa, Texas police officer Dave DeMarco is stunned with the TV news that the girl he loved but did not date in high school Lisa Merrick died in a Mexican plane crash. While Dave privately mourns he is even more stunned when a distraught Lisa calls that night. She pleads with Dave to rescue her insisting the plane she piloted was sabotaged. Dave wants to ignore her pleas as he raises his daughter by ...
Light My Fire
Ivy, Nov 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0345458419 In Tolosa, Texas attorney Ethan Miller detests his father, who always insists money is the bottom line of their firm. Ethan obtains an acquittal for Thomas Randal, a big shot at Bryan Industries in a rape case but he feels no joy because the lawyer believes his client is guilty. A bit drunk Ethan picks up a blond in a bar, accelerates his car way beyond the speed limit and causes an accident. Judge Davis gi...
Wild at Heart
Ivy, Oct 2002, 6.99 ISBN: 0804119694 In Tolosa, Texas game hunter Jack Reichert hires private investigator Valerie Parker to tail his younger spouse Shannon in order to learn what she does when he is away. Val follows Shannon to the Blue Onion where she makes a play for off duty police officer Alex DeMarco. Val wants nothing to do with Alex who five years ago was her instructor at the police academy. They made love and he flunked her the next ...