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Conspiracy Theory
St. Martin's, July 2003, 24.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0312277883 He became a legend for his work in the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, so much so, that when he retired he was asked to consult on some very high profile murder cases in Philadelphia. Gregor Demarkian attends a Main Line charity gathering in Bryn Mawr hosted by one of the most powerful and wealthiest bankers in the world, Tony Ross, who is murdered while greeting guests on the front stairs....
Skeleton Key
An absorbing story with vivid characters, an appealing detective, puzzling murders and skillful plotting. Just a touch of humor. Part of a continuing series featuring Gregor Demarkian....
Somebody Else's Music
Elizabeth Toliver was hated by her fellow students while she was growing up. They thought that she was different and ugly, and they played cruel tricks on her. When she was eighteen, they locked her in an outhouse with twenty snakes, and she beat on the door to get out until her arms were raw and torn. While she was in the outhouse she heard someone saying the phrase "slit his throat" over and over again. When she was released, she found that another stu...
The Headmaster's Wife
St. Martin's, April 2005, 24.95, 384 pp. ISBN 0312313144 Mark DeAvecca is a first year student at Windsor Prep but isn't feeling well; his hands shake, he hallucinates and has memory loss. Everyone on the campus assumes he is doing drugs because his roommate Michael Feyre is a drug dealer. One night he thinks he sees somebody lying down on the ground but when he goes to investigate nobody is there. Worried about his health, he calls his mother...

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True Believers
Religious issues provide a background for murder in this Gregor Demarkian mystery. Four varieties of religious belief are represented on one block in Philadelphia. St. Anselm's Catholic Church is still reeling from the the child molestation scandals. Across the street from St. Anselm's is St. Stephen's Episcopalian Church which has become a refuge for members of the gay community. Down the street from these two churches is a fundamentalist religious gro...

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