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Murder at Monticello
Homer and Mary Kelly, Harvard professors, are on their way to Virginia to attend the 4th of July celebration of the bicentennial of Jefferson's presidential inauguration. It will take place at his historic home/museum Monticello. They will visit Fern Fisher, a former student while they are there. Fern has been awarded a summer grant to write a biography of the former president on site. Fern has several challenges. First, she has severe writer's bl...
The Deserter
Dunne, Jun 2003, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0312301863 Many Harvard men died at the Battle of Gettysburg as part of the valiant 2nd Massachusetts Volunteers and in fact the university honors these heroes with a memorial hall listing them. However, not everyone behaved courageously as Mary Kelly tells her husband, Homer, a professor at the school. Her great-great grandfather Seth Morgan apparently deserted, but though her family refuses to talk about ...
The Face on the Wall
Homer and Mary Kelly, Harvard professors, are helping their niece Annie get set up in her new home. Annie is a very successful children's author/illustrator with a history of unhappy relationships. She builds a beautiful new addition onto her home, her dream house. Most important to her is a 35 foot wall that she will illustrate with themes from children's literature. Her problem is the Gasts, the family that rent the original half of her home. ...
The Time Bike
Eddy Hall is devastated when his shiny brand new bike is stolen. A few days later, he receives an old beat-up bike from distant relatives in India. After his initial disappointment, he finds the bike can travel through time. He experiments with it with some disappointing results. He travels ahead a week to miss exams, and ends up in summer school. He sees the boy who stole his new bike, but can't do anything about it. His sister Eleanor takes a tri...

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