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Dion travels with Kitten to Aramaya to find Dion's niece, who may have struck up a demonic bargain with Dion's old enemy, Bedazzer. Plot is complicated by the estrangement of Dion from her husband Shan, and Dion's new love interest....
Fire Angels
Dion travels to her former homeland to slay a demon and its summoner....
Mage Heart
Dion was just an ordinary young girl when she came to the attention of Michael, a great mage. Michael bought her from her mother to see if it was possible to train a female to be a mage. Michael completely takes over Dion's life as she has no other friends or teachers. When Dion is older, she cannot really remember a life before Michael. She knows that she has often been a disappointment to him and fears what will become of her now that Michael is dead. ...