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Full Blast (Thriller/Action)
The newest installment to the Evanovich/Hughes collaboration continues the story of Jamie Swift, a newspaper owner and editor and her romantic interest Max Holt. When a murder occurs in a small southern town people take notice, but when the sheriff believes it may be connected to her new personal ads, Jamie calls in Max to help. A millionaire genius never hurts your odds of coming out on top, and he's a hunk. Throw in a lingerie store protest, a depress...
Full Blast (Romance)
Jamie Swift is a small town newspaper editor, also known as Swifty by multi-millionaire Mac Holt, who is a silent partner in the paper. Jamie has started a new personals section in the newspaper. But, when a local lingerie shop owner is killed after having a grand opening, and one of her personals is found circled in her office things become tense for Jamie and she calls Max for help. Jamie and Max have not only worked together in the past but are d...
Full Bloom
St. Martin's, Apr 2005, 7.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312934300 In Beaumont, South Carolina, Annie Fortenberry is trying to prepare her historical mansion turned B&B into a wedding reception for her best friend Jamie Swift and millionaire Max Holt. Her handyman Erdle Torney who came with the place she inherited from her grandmother has failed to do his job so she loses her temper and goes after him with a rolling pin. Visitor Wes Bridges gets in the way...
Full Scoop
This latest installment in the town of Beaumont, South Carolina has a few returning characters as the other “Full” series books are known by but this one's main characters are new and old. This is Dr. Maggie's story. Dr. Maggie a friend of Jamie Swift-Holt has just learned that the father of her teenage girl has been released from prison and is presumed to be heading her way. The major problem is that she has never told her daughter the truth about he...

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Full Tilt
Jamie Swift lives in the small quiet town of Beaumont in South Carolina where she runs the local newspaper that has been in her family for generations. Romance is not an important factor when compared to the newspaper although she is engaged to a man she feels is stable and normal. Her life is quiet and predictable as she struggles to keep the newspaper running and plans her wedding. However, when Max, her mysterious sexy silent partner in the newspaper,...

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