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The Grenadillo Box
Simon & Schuster, Jan 2004, 25.00, 352 pp. ISBN: 0743246861 On January 1, 1775, master cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale sends his apprentice Nathaniel Hopson to complete the installation of a library in the home of acrimonious Lord Montfort. As is the lot of the working class including wannabe artisans, Lord Montfort forces Nathaniel to serve as a footman at the dinner in which the lofty aristocrat shows off his lavish new Chippendale bookshelves...
The Thief Taker
A middle aged cook in 18th century London discovers a scandal surrounding a missing woman and stolen wine cooler, and she sets off to solve the mystery. Agnes Meadowes begins work as a cook for the Blanchard family in 1750. Her employers are in the silversmith business along Foster Lane. She goes out each day for groceries and notices a beggar girl and man lurking around the residence. Harry Drake and his daughter, Elsie, watch the Blanchard residence to...