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Shadow in Hawthorn Bay
Compelled by the vision of her cousin calling for her, Mary Urquhart travels to Canada, builds a new life and learns the truth about what happened to her cousin. It is the year 1812 and Mary is an intense, wild and stubborn young woman who is often overcome by premonitions about what happens to the people around her in their little village up in the highlands of Scotland. Her abilities as a seer cause her much grief as it makes people wary of her and her...
The Hollow Tree
Phoebe Olcott must travel through the dangerous woods and mountains of Vermont and face suspicions from family and friends as she journeys from her little village in New Hampshire all the way to Canada to deliver important Loyalist documents during the American Revolutionary War. Phoebe Olcott is a timid, dutiful, mousy girl who never dreams about venturing out of her the little settlement of Hanover, New Hampshire, where she and her scholarly father liv...
The Root Cellar
Rose travels back in time to the Civil War period to help her friend-from-the-past find a lost soldier who may be injured in Fort Washington, New York. Rose Larkin is a sullen and angry young girl who has led what she considers a miserable life since she became an orphan when her parents were killed in a car accident. Since then, she's been sent to live with her Aunt in an old country estate near Hawthorne Bay in Ontario, Canada. When Rose arrives at her...