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Fugitive Prince: War of Light and Shadow 4
Prince Arithon, anointed heir and mage, has used guile, cunning and desperation to thwart all attempts by his half brother Lysaer to kill him. But Lysaer is driven by a curse and pursues the war despite mounting death and destruction. Now the town mayors plot to proclaim Lysaer king. The aging Koriani prime sorceress Morriel has had a vision showing Arithon as the greatest threat to her order and she too determines to kill him. She and first senior L...
Peril's Gate - The Wars of Light and Shadow 6
HarperCollins, Feb 2002, 27.95, 736 pp. ISBN: 0061052205 Combined the two siblings were a power like none the world has ever seen before. However, after defeating an invincible evil, the duo turns towards each other. The Prince of Light Lysaer demanding justice wants to kill his brother Prince of Rathain Arithon just as the Curse predicted they would. However, in spite of some powerful allies, Lysaer has found Arithon living up to his birt...
Warhost of Vastmark
This is the third book in a series describing the war against the mistraith and the lives of two half brother princes. Each prince has magical powers and together they form the world's best defense but the mistwraith has cursed them to be enemies. Arithon, prince of shadow returns to his shipyard at Merior to find his new ships burned by a former guardsman Tharrrick seeking revenge for punishments which he unjustly blames on Arithon. Arithon rescues T...