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Chase the Past
Courtney Long has been committed to a mental institution against her will. Despite her attempts to convince the medical staff that she's perfectly sane, the staff regards her as insane. Desperate to free herself, Courtney stages a successful break out from the asylum. Determined to get to the bottom of the conspiracy against her, Courtney is determined to track down her husband Justin Tanner and get some answers. Courtney had a three week whirlwi...
Dead Ringer
Mira, May 2003, 6.50, 400 pp. ISBN: 1551667126 On Christmas Day 2001 in Des Moines, Riordan “Dan” Michael Gray and his wife of seven months Charlotte come home from visiting family. Dan takes out the garbage, but fails to return. Charlotte calls the police who begin a search that fails. Dan owns the successful Panini coffee shops. When payroll is due to the employers, Charlotte's father calls Dan's lawyers to learn he gave the business to her...
Mira, Feb 2004, 6.50, 400 pp. ISBN: 077832012X While sailing on a yacht, Rosalind “Lady Roz” Beecham knows that she desperately needs money to fund her jet set lifestyle. She threatens several wealthy individuals with exposing the Bonita Partnership though she does not know anything about this venture beyond its name. Instead someone drugs Roz's wine and pushes her into the Atlantic. Following her funeral, solicitor Nathanial Sherwin informs...
Full Pursuit
Melody Beecham, an undercover operative for the government-funded agency of Unit One, is sent to infiltrate a religious organization called the Soldiers of Jordan. Her assignment is to use seduction as a means to penetrate the secret operations of the organization and relay that information to Unit One. After her entrance onto the property, Melody is stripped of all communication tools linking her to the outside world. She finds that her every move i...

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The Third Wife
Mira, Sep 2002, 6.50, 400 pp. ISBN: 1551669315 Her stepfather stuns seventeen year old Anna Langtry when he chooses her as THE THIRD WIFE of his brother. Anna has the choice of wedding a much older man to beget his children or fleeing into the night. Anna chooses escape. Anna works diligently and fifteen years later is a successful Probation Officer in Denver. One of her clients is confessed embezzler Joe Mackenzie just released from prison...

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