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Lost in a Good Book
SpecOps agent Thursday Next just saved Jane Eyre and got married to her long-time love. She's looking forward to a calm life with her new husband, but quickly gets pulled back into a sticky situation. Her husband kidnapped, Thursday tries to rescue him and bring down the evil Goliath Corporation, while travelling through "Great Expectations", Beatrix Potter, and a run-in with the bard himself, William Shakespeare. ...
Something Rotten
Viking, Aug 2004, 24.95, 385 pp. ISBN: 0670033596 After two years in the Well as the head of Jurisfiction, Thursday Next decides to go home although she will miss some of her compatriots. She travels to Swindon with her son Friday and that indecisive fickle Hamlet, who is unable to decide or not to decide. While Hamlet tries to understand the real world better so that he can improve his decision process in the Shakespearean realm, Thursday le...
The Big Over Easy
Fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters litter the pages of the story of Inspector Jack Spratt, Nursery Crimes Division. Working with him in his department are Sergeant Mary Mary, baroness Gretel, Constable Baker and alien Ashley, who communicates by numbers. Jack's most recent case was a murder involving three little pigs and Mr. Wolff has brought Jack some bad press. The press has forgotten the fact that Jack solved the Bluebeard serial wife killing ca...
The Eyre Affair
Thursday Next is a literary detective in a different modern England where cloning is routine (hence the presence of the extinct dodo bird), time travel occurs every day, and the world's literature is policed by a government agency. When England's supervillian, Acheron Hades starts kidnapping and killing characters from famous literary masterpieces, Thursday becomes the only one who may be able to outsmart him and restore order to the literary world....

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The Well of Lost Plots
Viking, Jan 2004, 24.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0670032891 Literary detective Thursday Next requests R&R not to recover from assignments like saving the ending of Jane Eyre, but suffers from morning sickness having become pregnant by a dead Crimean War veteran. Thursday applies for a vacation assignment in the Character Exchange Program, which is approved. She travels to THE WELL OF LOST PLOTS, the sub-basements beneath the Great Library. There she wil...

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