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Bright Lights, Big City
A young writer (never named, but presumably called Jay after the writer) copes with life in new York at a prestigious magazine and a vibrant nightlife. According to the rather skewed timeline of this novel, the main character has just broken up with his wife, who is in Europe somewhere modeling for something and someone. And as if this wasn't enough to handle, a few months earlier than that his mother died. So what does our poor protagonist do? G...
Brightness Falls
This is the story of a decade told through the model couple of the 1980s. The husband Russell is a pawn of corporate raiders in a levereged buy out of his own publishing house. His wife is a pregnant stockbroker whose dreams forshadow personal and economic events. This is where we are introduced to the stock market crash of 87. She is a part-time volunteer at a soup kitchen what people call her "Mother Theresa Syndrome". From there we are introduced to t...
An epic novel about an American Expatriate in Japan searching for redemption in the midst of his father's yearning for his presence, his shady past, Karate, Japanese culture and a deranged psychopath... A book in the tradition of Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" where Paris is replaced by Kyoto Japan and flat terse prose are outshined with Jay McInerney's keen comical observations and lyrical prose genius....
Story of My Life
Jay McInerney takes us on a limo ride through love, lust, and high living in Manhattan through the voice of a typical party girl. It is a hilarious yet touching satire of the post-modern female growing up way too fast in a disaffected world....

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