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A Falcon's Heart
Sonnet, Jul 2001, 6.50, 448 pp. ISBN: 0743418395 In 1154 England, Lord Mark informs his beloved daughter Alista that he must attend Henry's coronation to insure the monarch does not give away their castle to William Brinlaw, son of a traitor. In front of Henry, Mark and Will argue with the latter stating that the former will have to kill him to regain Brinlaw Castle. That night, Mark dies. Henry informs Will that he will regain Brinlaw onl...
Wicked Charms
Pocket, Aug 2003, 6.99 ISBN: 0743464478 In 1180 twelve years old William Aiden Brinlaw knows he disappoints his father because males don't do magic though he has power. Thus William decides to become a knight. He visits the Spirit of the Cave to tell her of his decision, but she scoffs at his denial insisting the first wizard in a thousand generations should be proud of his magical prowess before imbedding a dragon onto William's skin. Sixte...