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After Glow (Romance)
Lydia Smith, former respected para-archaelogist and now a fun-house employee, is once again in trouble. A man who was supposed to help her figure out what happened to her years ago that gave her amnesia and destroyed her career turns out to be dead. She and Emmett, her lover, have to face other deaths, as well as a cult. Lydia and Emmett also have to work through their relationship, which is made more complicated by the fact that Emmett has been named...
After Glow (Science Fiction)
Jove, Mar 2004, 7.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0515136948 On the planet Harmony, seven months ago parapsychologist Lydia Smith's life collapsed when she was lost in the catacombs beneath the city. She blames her lost weekend in which she remembers nothing on the ghost hunters whom she believes deserted her, but they say she made an unauthorized dangerous move without their protection. Now instead of a rising career, she works at Shrimpton's House of Ancie...
Set in the near future, Amaryllis Lark is a prism, a psychic detective, in the city of New Seattle. A prism is crucial to the well-being of the colonists of St. Helen's, as they developed into two major groups: either talents, or prisms. Talents have a number of psychic abilities, ranging from the mundane (horticultural talents) to the mysterious (illusionist talents). Prisms, on the other hand, help a talent focus his energy in order to be able to use h...
Trading Secrets
A holiday romance between Sabrina Chase and Matt August turns deadly after Matt's former boss turns up unexpectedly. Sabrina Chase has lived her life in the shadow of dominating men and wants to break free. During a holiday, she tries to pick up a stranger in a bar, attracted by his intense brooding looks. In a drunken state, Matt August, a former special services operative whose wife cheated on him, decides to teach Sabrina a lesson and warn her off fro...

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