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One With the Hunger
Shai Jordan was celebrating her birthday with her 4 closest friends: the famous movie star Melanie, the fabulously wealthy Vivian, the gorgeous ex-model Erihn, and the mysterious Jennifer when they got onto the topic of Shai's love life, or lack thereof. For the first time, Shai shared her idea of a dream lover - someone who would come to her at night and give her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. Unbeknownst to her, Shai's dreams were overheard by Val...
Retribution - Shadow Dweller 2
Jennifer Beaumont (whom we met in One with the Hunger) was determined to help Valentin beat Mikhail. When Mikhail kidnapped her good friend Miranda, Jennifer drew up her courage to face the horrible man who had ruined her life so many years ago by turning her into his revenant. Jennifer found that Mikhail hadn't changed a bit and left without Miranda, but her confrontation brought Conor "Mac" MacNaughten back into her life. Jennifer had broken Mac's hear...
Shameless: Shadow Dweller 3
Erihn had been a beautiful girl with an up and coming modeling career when she was kidnapped, tortured and scarred for life. Although she eventually escaped her captor and her wounds healed, Erihn bore deep scars inside and hid her natural beauty behind bulky clothes and avoided men. If she hadn't drunk too much at the bar, her friends never would have been able to get her to read her poem on the stage and the sexy Fayne never would have kissed her in pu...
Temptation: Shadow Dweller 6
Damien "Sinjin" St. James had fled his native Scotland to hide out in New Orleans. He was devastated that the love of his life had been brutally murdered by a rogue vampire. Sure that he would never find another love like her, he immersed himself in his work - restoring an old bar/restaurant to its former glory. But when Vivian Carrington walked into his restaurant, Sinjin definitely noticed. At first, he was only interested in a brief fling, but the mor...

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