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And on the Eighth Day She Rested
For years, Ruth had endured tabuse from her husband Eric. Eric was ten years older than Ruth and he had been her first and only love. He told her that she was too big and too black to get a man and Ruth believed it. Each time he beat her, she felt like it was her fault. She began to hate Eric but was dedicated to her marriage. She would recover from the physical abuse but the verbal abuse would not go away. After a severe beating, Ruth has to go to th...
Don't Want No Sugar
St. Martin's, Oct 2004, 19.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312301588 In 1931, the charred corpse of womanizing but married Bobby Lewis was found in the bed of his latest lover Eula May Adams. Everyone assumes she set the fire but he was probably dead before the fire started. Later they find her corpse with a bullet in the heart of Eula May, whose obsession for Bobby led to suicide. Her daughter Roberta is raised in an unloving home and never given help or ...