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Antigone burries his brother contradicting what Creonte, his uncle, has ordered. This condemns her to die....
The General (Leon) called a family meeting with his sister, the Countess and his son Nicholas to discuss their hunchbacked old maid sister, Ardele, and her infatuation with a hunchbacked tutor hired by the general for his ten year old son. They wish to prevent her marriage to the tutor and she has locked herself in her room and doesn't come out through the whole play. The General is having an affair with a maid. The Countess arrives with her lover an...
Mademoiselle Colombe
Colombe and her husband Julian come to the theatre to ask his actress mother for help because he is going into the army. She gets the beautiful Colombe a part in her play. Colombe is successful as an actress and many of the men in the company including Julian's brother try to make love to her, some with apparent success. Julian comes home on leave after he has been told of her unfaithfulness. He accuses her and although she admits her indiscretion...
Restless Heart
"Restless Heart" is the story about a young girl from the lower social classes, Therese Tarde, who falls in love with a young man of the upper classes, Florent France. At first she wants to show him that she is not interested in his money and tries to protect him from her disreputable family. Soon the ease of his life, his happiness, his talent and goodness begin to make her feel unworthy. He is too perfect and perfection is something she cannot deal ...

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Time Remembered
Amanda, a pretty young milliner is brought to the estate of an eccentric Duchess, ostensibly to pose as the dead lover of her nephew, Prince Albert. The Prince's lover had died after he had known her for only three days and he has been mooning over her memory for the past two years in a state of constant melancholy. At first when he sees Amanda, he wants nothing to do with her or she with him. She agrees to play the role, but gradually she becomes mor...

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