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Love Among the Walnuts
Horatio Alger Huntington-Ackerman is a very wealthy man. However, he is terribly unhappy. That all changed when he married his wife, Mousey, and moved to the country. The happy couple built a huge house and named it Eclipse. It is right next door to Walnut Manor, which is a facility for “nutcases.” Mousey gives birth to a young boy, Alexander, nicknamed Sandy. The three of them live with Bentley, the butler, and his wife, Flossie. They thought that their...
Of Sound Mind
Theo Dennison is not a normal high school senior. His entire family is deaf. He has grown up with two languages: sign language and English. His mother Palma is an artist, and the only interpreter she will use is Theo. Theo thinks that she is a prima donna, and hates having to make extra phone calls for her when she has an art show coming up. Theo's father, Thomas, hates to ask Theo for help, and for this reason, Theo doesn't mind helping him. Thomas is ...