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Wide Sargasso Sea
Remember the madwoman in the attic in Jane Eyre? Jean Rhys has rewritten this classic story from her point of view. According to Rhys, Mr Rochester's first wife was a Creole heiress who he fell in love with in her Jamaican home, but who was too wild & free to be accepted in polite Victorian society. His denial of her drives lead her to distraction & her story is told in an imaginative & sensitive manner....
Wild Sargasso Sea
Wild Sargasso Sea is a prequel to Charlotte Bronte's 'Jayne Eyre'. It is the story of the first Mrs. Rochester. It describes her lonely childhood, growing up in Jamaica. She is a white Creole whose mother is widowed and poor. The action takes place shortly after the emancipation of the slaves who are resentful of their former masters domination. Antoinette, the heroine, feels threatened by their situation. Her mother is taken up almost soley with Antoine...