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Appointment With A Stranger
Seventeen year old Keller Parrish moves to a small town to live with her grandmother, hoping the fresh country air will improve her debilitating asthma. Isolated Keller (who has always been made fun of because of her illness) is shy and withholding when it comes to making friends, but despite her standoffishness and secretive nature, a few students at her new school try to befriend her particularly a happy, friendly girl named Rose and the class clown,...
The Rain Catchers
Fourteen year old Grayling lives in her grandmother's house where tea is served each day at four and where women meet to tell their personal histories. The women take care of each other and of Grayling, protecting her from the story of her own past. Over the course of her fourteenth summer, Grayling falls in love, deals with the death of a loved one and finally learns the details of her own story when she travels to visit her mother and to find out ab...
Who Said Life Is Fair?
Sixteen year old Teddy Gideon's junior year of high school isn't going very well. The new principal keeps changing the rules he even wants to censor Teddy's cartoons for the school newspaper. Everybody's taking sides and as school becomes a competitive battlefield between kiss-ups and rebels, Teddy finds herself a particular target of the new unreasonable principal. To make matters worse, Teddy's life is complicated by a number of different boys. There...