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Oranges are Not the Only Fruit
This novel tells the story of a young girl's coming of age. Jeanette is an orphan who is adopted into a strict religious family. During the process of being trained to become a missionary, she falls in love with another woman. The interesting thing about Oranges is that the main story is interrupted by several metaphorical fairy tales. This thought-provoking story traces Jeanette's struggles between her mother, her Christian community, and her sexual pre...
The Passion
Henri is a simple farm boy who has joined the army during the napoleonic wars. He gets a job as a cook and eventually becomes the personal chef to his idol, Napoleon. However, Henri experiences combat during Napoleon's brutal russian campgain. It is in Russia that Henri meets Villenelle, a young woman from Venice with webbed feet, whose husband sold her to the french army as a prositute. He also meets Partick, an priest excommunicated for watching young ...