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Silence Is Golden
Walker, June 2002, 23.95, 240 pp. ISBN 0802733735 It has been six years since Hilda, her brother and her sister left Sweden to come to America. Hilda, a maid for the Studebaker family in South Bend, Indiana and her siblings saved enough money to bring the rest of the family to America. Unfortunately, it has not been an easy adjustment for the Johansson brood. Their apartment is too small and they don't want their Protestant daughter going o...
Winter of Discontent
Forge, Dec 2004, 24.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0765308053 Expatriate American retired educator Dorothy Martin and her British husband former Chief Constable Alan Nesbit settle into a cozy daily routine in Sherebury in which they enjoying their retirements together. Dorothy goes shopping with her best friend Jane Langland. They decide to drop the parcels off at Town Hall where Jane's boyfriend museum curator Bill Fanshawe works, but he is not there. J...